2023 Staffing Roll Increase


2023 Staffing Roll Increase

Schools | kura entitled to additional staffing from a roll increase can submit a Staffing Roll Change Request form when their student roll has increased during the year. 

To qualify for a staffing increase your permanent daily roll must have grown and stayed at that higher level for ten consecutive school days.

Use the Ministry staffing calculator to check if your roll increase will generate additional staffing for your school https://www.fundingcalc.minedu.govt.nz/

Your application will be reviewed by the Ministry of Education to confirm it meets the requirements outlined here: Staffing for roll growth – Education in New Zealand. The outcome will be notified to your school email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't  I view my new roll in Pourato?

The Roll tab in Pourato is static at the time of publishing your confirmed roll. It will not show a Staffing Roll Increase. Check the outcome letter for your latest staffing roll. 

Will my entitlement staffing change when I submit a June or July roll return?

No. The June or July roll return is used to calculate operational funding. If your roll has increased and you are entitled to more staffing, you must submit a staffing roll change request.

What date is the Staffing Roll Increase effective from?

The Staffing Roll Increase will be effective from the date of the new roll. This date will be the ‘date roll increased’ identified on the Staffing Roll Change Request form.

Will I know if my Staffing Roll Increase has been declined?

Yes. You will be notified on your school email address if your application is declined. This will be due to not meeting the ten-school day student retention policy or your increased roll did not generate any additional entitlement staffing. For more information go to: Staffing for roll growth – Education in New Zealand.

Will I be notified when my Staffing Roll Increase has been updated in Pourato?

Yes. An email from Pourato will notify you on your school email address when a change has been made to your staffing entitlement.

Will my Staffing Roll Increase be backdated to the beginning of a pay period?

No. The Staffing Roll Increase will start from the date of the roll increase.

Is classroom release time included?

Yes. The table below explains where to find how much classroom release time is included:

School | kura Where to find
Year 1 – 8 students only Classroom Release Time component in your Staffing Entitlement.
Year 1 - 15 students Included in the Staffing Roll Increase component in your Staffing Entitlement. Check your outcome letter for a breakdown. 

Does the Total update?

Yes. Additional staffing entitlement generated by a Staffing Roll Increase is added to the Total at the top of the Staffing Entitlement table for the relevant pay period. This Total includes all staffing components.

Do Staffing Roll numbers change?

Your Staffing Roll number is only updated when a roll return is resubmitted. It does not update with a Staffing Roll Increase. Your new staffing roll number is noted in your outcome letter which you can find in the supporting documentation in the Requests tab.

Where can I go for support?

Please contact the Resourcing Channels Team on 04 463 8383 or email resourcing@education.govt.nz