National Student Index (NSI) Web Application

National Student Index (NSI) Web Application

NSI allocates a unique identifier; the National Student Number, to every student enrolled with an education provider in New Zealand


The National Student Index (NSI) is a database system maintained by the Ministry of Education and is the education sector’s core register of learner identity data.

The NSI is used to allocate a unique identifier, a National Student Number (NSN) to every student in New Zealand. Each student should only be allocated one NSN which will be used throughout their early childhood, school and tertiary education. An NSN will be allocated to a student when they first enrol in early childhood education, a school or tertiary education in New Zealand.

The NSN makes it easier for us to manage and share information about students in a way that protects their privacy.


You can request a copy of your student information, and corrections to your information, through the education provider you are currently enrolled with.

Key tasks using this application

  • list item bullet Assign a unique National Student Number to students
  • list item bullet Perform searches on existing records, add new records.
  • list item bullet Update existing records and request that two or more duplicate NSI records be merged.
  • list item bullet Receive notifications of changes made to an NSI record

Who should use this application

Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) that receive Equivalent Full-Time Students (EFTS)-based funding, or that offer qualifications approved for student loans and/or allowances, will have access to the NSI system. This may be either through an interface with their Student Management System (SMS) or through this NSI web application.

What’s new

March 2021 – NSI release version

Implemented Thursday 17 March 2021.

Features of this release:

  1. Automated data matching functionality.
  2. Functionality to support manual data matching.