Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS)

Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS)

Support information for schools and kura about the Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS) application process

Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS)

RR&ELS funding application can now be submitted through the new RR&ELS application.

RR&ELS is used to manage the annual application process, the capture of student reading levels and reporting. The RR&ELS application process is now easier, clearer and user friendly.

School staff must use their own ESL user account to be able to access the RR&ELS funding application.

Key Tasks

  • list item bullet Make annual RR&ELS application.
  • list item bullet Enter student entry and exit reading levels.
  • list item bullet Enter annual school report data.

Who should be using Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS)

This application should be used by Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support teachers and their Principals to create, view and maintain annual RR&ELS applications and student reading level information.

Further information

Information for Schools and Kura

Reading Recovery & Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS) is a school based early literacy intervention. It supports skilled teaching to help children who might be experiencing difficulties learning literacy. It supports and informs small group support and whole school literacy approaches and provides the traditional 1:1 intensive support. It allows children to take positive steps, supported by their kaiako and whānau, towards becoming confident in their reading and writing.

Further information about RR&ELS programme is on the TKI Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support website.

What support the Ministry will provide for schools?

The Ministry of Education provides staffing (271 FTTEs) to support the delivery of Reading Recovery nationally. The amount each region and school receive is based on roll size and learner need, using the equity index as an indicator of need.

Schools are expected to make a similar contribution of FTTE.

Who can apply?

State and State integrated:

  • Full Primary (Year 1-8)
  • Contributing (Year 1-6)
  • Composite (Year 1-15) schools.