Early Learning Information (ELI) Web

Early Learning Information (ELI) Web

Early Learning services provide and confirm information on enrolment and attendance of children, and staffing information

Alert: Planned outage this Saturday, 15 June

The National Student Index is undergoing maintenance on Saturday 15 June from 6.00am to 12.00pm. We advise you do not access ELI Web during this time period. 


ELI Web is a secure Ministry application for early learning services that do not use an alternative Student Management System (SMS) to submit ELI information to the Ministry.

Student Management Systems — Ministry of Education

The Ministry collects a range of information through ELI web about enrolled children, attendance, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as some general information on early learning services such as the waiting times for new starters. This Information is collected regularly from early learning services including education and care centres, kindergartens, home-based services, and playcentres.

There is no cost associated with using ELI Web; this application is provided free by the Ministry.

Using an approved Student Management Systems (SMS) as an alternative

Early learning services should only use either ELI Web or an approved SMS to submit ELI data to the Ministry. If you decide to use an SMS, you will login via your software and may be required to submit your data to the Ministry. 

ELI Web provides the Ministry with the required information, but it does not incorporate all the functions of a traditional SMS.

Key Tasks

  • list item bullet Add, amend and, delete and child to your service
  • list item bullet Enrol a child that has been added to ELI Web
  • list item bullet Record 20 Hours ECE schedule for a child
  • list item bullet Record bookings (date and times of expected attendance) for a child
  • list item bullet Record children’s attendance
  • list item bullet Confirm records and enter temporary closures
  • list item bullet Enter staff information
  • list item bullet Enter and submit the ECE Return
  • list item bullet Enter and submit RS7 funding return

Who should use the application

It is mandatory for all eligible early learning services to provide this information, but they can do so using a suitable and certified Student Management System, instead of ELI Web if they choose.

These services include licensed Education and Care services, Kindergartens, Playcentres, and Home-based early learning services.

Playgroups, Hospital-based, and Casual Education and Care services are currently not required to use ELI to submit enrolment and attendance information to the Ministry.