Unfunded International Providers (UIP) Data Collection Portal

Unfunded International Providers (UIP) Data Collection Portal

Private training establishments submit international student enrolment and provider data to the Ministry


Unfunded International Providers (UIPs) are private training establishments in New Zealand that enrol international students and do not receive government funding. They are often providing English language courses. Using the UIP Portal System, these providers submit data to the Ministry about their Student Management System, Learner identity information including nationality, immigration status and enrolment, as well as qualifications, the courses offered, tuition fees and completion rates.

The UIP system also calculates and collects the Export Education levy (EEL) from providers, where applicable.

Export Education levy (EEL)

Other than uploading template-based files to the Ministry using the UIP Portal System described here, there are two alternative methods that providers use to submit their data to The Ministry:

  1. Adapting the provider’s Student Management System to link it with the UIP system to submit data directly to it. This is called SMS integration. Or;

  2. Using a bureau service that will submit data to the UIP system on the provider’s behalf

Who should use the application

All unfunded providers (group 1, group 2 and tour groups) with any enrolled international students are required to submit data using one of the methods described above.