PTE preparation phase

Unfunded International Providers (UIP) Data Collection Portal

PTE preparation phase

PTE Preparation is the phase where the provider and their SMS Vendor or in-house development team plan for the automated data collection.

Flow diagram showing the process of PTE Preparation for UIP Data Collection

What tools are available to help me through this phase?

The following documents will assist you through this phase:

Document Description
PTE Guide to integrating your SMS with UIP [PDF, 634KB] Description of the three phases involved in integrating with the automated data collection process.
Business Integration Document [PDF, 926KB] An overview of the UIP data collection system for Private Training Establishments
UIP Data Collection – SMS Specifications version 2.23 [PDF, 1.9MB] Full detail of the technical aspects of the system integration to be used by SMS development teams. Includes details on the data elements for business understanding. This document is targeted towards Group 1 providers; however, Group 2 providers may also use it if they wish to integrate their SMS with the UIP data system.
UIP system questions and answers [PDF, 528KB]  
Checklist – PTE preparation for the UIP data collection [DOC, 41KB]  
Data mapping template [XLS, 60KB]

A tool to establish any impacts the data collection may have on a PTE.

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