The Education Resourcing System (ERS)

The Education Resourcing System (ERS)

Schools & kura apply for Additional Relief Teacher Funding. Some other funding is paid through the ERS. Playgroups apply for operational funding.

ERS overview

School | kura users can submit online requests for Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF) sick leave or jury duty in ERS. 

ARTF funding applications are processed electronically. ERS users can attach information to ARTF requests, track the status of the request and view payment notices online.

For playgroups only, ERS can be used to make operational funding requests and see an overall view of all the funding paid to them, including the outcomes of any support grant payments.


Pourato is an online resourcing system for schools | kura to view the latest staffing and funding information. 

Pourato will co-exist alongside the Education Resourcing System (ERS), until what you can do on the ERS is incorporated into Pourato.

Pourato is in development for the early learning sector, and updates will be provided at the right time on when it will be available.

Who should be using the ERS?

All schools, kura and playgroups can use the ERS. 

Typically, an administrator in these organisations will make ARTF requests by logging into the ERS. An approver will log in to submit them. If you have more than one organisation that you are an administrator or approver for, you will need to log into the ERS separately for each one.