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The Education Resourcing System (ERS)

Early Learning Resourcing

Playgroup Funding

Playgroup Operational Funding

Playgroup Operational Funding is a general grant available to all eligible playgroups to assist with ongoing operational costs.

Refer to the Playgroup Funding Handbook for more details including rates and payment dates.

Playgroup Funding Handbook — Ministry of Education website

You can request Playgroup Operational Funding through the ERS. Refer below for more information on using the ERS.

Playgroup Special Grant

The Special Grant is a discretionary grant to assist a playgroup to cover the large costs that cannot be met from other funding. 

Refer to the Playgroup Special Grant section in the Playgroup Funding Handbook for more details.

Playgroup Special Grant section of the Playgroup Funding Handbook — Ministry of Education website

You will still apply for a Special Grant using the form in the funding handbook. Your payment advice will be made available for you to view on the ERS.

Applying for Playgroup Operational Funding

Accessing ERS

To use the ERS, the appropriate users will need to be granted access, as either Administrator or Approver, by your playgroup's Education Advisor.

If you don’t have a logon for the ERS, complete sections 1 and 2 of the ESL 61 Form – ECE User Request, then contact your Education Advisor who will send you an invitation to create an account.

Request for Playgroups
ERS ECE user request for Playgroups (ESL 61)
ERS ECE user request for Playgroups (ESL 61)

For more support with the ESL, refer to How to use ESL: Setting up your user account

Before you start the request process, make sure you:

  • have your bank account number - you will need to check we have the details correct.
  • have your attendance records for the last 10 weeks - you will enter this information into the request.
  • know the dates you will not be operating in the up-coming funding period - you will need to know how many sessions you plan to run.

Creating a new request

Download the 'PG3 create new request user guide', and follow the steps below to create a new request for Playgroup Operational Funding.

New Request for Playgroup
PG3 Create New Request for Playgroup
PG3 Create New Request for Playgroup


Log in to the Education Resourcing System.


From the home page or dashboard click New Request.


Select 'Playgroup Operational Funding' in the request type field.


Click Create Request.


Check the contact details and bank account details for your Playgroup.

If the details are correct then select 'The details displayed above are correct.' 

Note: if the details are not correct, your payment may be delayed.

If the details are not correct then: 

  • select 'Some of these details are incorrect - you will be phoned to have these changed. Please proceed with your funding request. It will be accepted, but your payment may be delayed until your details are updated.'
  • type your name and phone number into the fields provided.

Click Agree & Continue.


Select the date you were last open. Your last 10 weeks of full operation will be displayed.


Enter the session attendance details for each session.

Enter... if...
C you were closed, for example: school holidays.
SH it was a statutory holiday.
0 (zero) you were open and no-one attended.

Note: if you are running a session that is not displayed, or the hours you are open are displayed incorrectly, please contact your Playgroup's Education Advisor before continuing with the request.


Click Continue.


Select the open and close dates for your future playgroup sessions.


Reduce the number of sessions if necessary and click Continue.

For example: you plan to be closed during the school holidays.

New Zealand Holidays


Review the information you have provided and make corrections if necessary.


Click Send to Authoriser and tell the Approver the request is ready for them to approve and submit.

Approving a request

Download the 'PG3 approve request user guide', and follow the steps below to approve and submit a request to the Ministry for Playgroup Operational Funding.

Approve request for Playgroup
PG3 Approve request for Playgroup
PG3 Approve request for Playgroup


Log in to the Education Resourcing System.


Click View All Requests.


Click on the request ID of the request that has the status 'Pending Acceptance'.


Click on the Request tab and review the information provided.

If the information is

  • true and correct then go to step 6
  • not true and correct then go to the next step. 

Can you correct the information?

 If you can correct the information, then:

  • edit the appropriate field(s)
  • go to the next step.

If you cannot correct the information, then:

  • select I don't agree - Delete.
  • click I don't agree - Delete.
    Note: this will delete the request and a new one will need to be created.

Select I agree.


Click Agree and submit request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about Playgroup Operational Funding requests in relation to using the ERS.

Select the option 'Some of these details are incorrect...’ and type your name and phone number. Your Education Advisor will phone you and arrange to update the details that need correcting.

You can have as many as you want. Each person will need their own ESL account.

Let your Education Advisor in your regional office know. They will remove their access.

You can determine who to assign the roles to. We recommend that the treasurer is the Approver and the coordinator is the Administrator but how you actually assign the roles is up to you.

Email it to your Education Advisor and they will attach it to your request.