How to get access RR&ELS

Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support (RR&ELS)

How to get access RR&ELS


To have the RR&ELS role assigned to your ESL user account, or to receive an email invitation for a new ESL user account, contact your school's Delegated Authoriser.

Your Delegated Authoriser is most likely the school principal or tumuaki.

If you do not have an ESL account associated with your school:


Your school's ESL Authoriser/Delegated Authoriser will assign the RR&ELS Funding Application School role to you in the ESL Online Tool.

If you receive an e-mail invitation you will need to accept it.

How to use ESL: Setting up your user account

RR&ELS Roles 

Role name Description
Reading Recovery School User Access the RR&ELS application