User invitation: create a new account

Education Sector Logon (ESL)

User invitation: create a new account

If you are a new user and you have received an ESL invitation, then you can accept your invitation and create your ESL user account by following the steps outlined in this section User invitation - create a new account.

Receive e-mail invitation

Your delegated authoriser or the Education Service Desk will send an email invitation for you.

You will receive an e-mail invitation – make sure the invitation is for you.

If it is for you click on the link in the email to set up your ESL user account.

We recommend you use your personal email address for your ESL user account to ensure the privacy and security of your ESL user account. Do not use a shared email address for your ESL user account, as passphrases can be reset via your email account.

screen shot - receive email invitation

Accept invitation

You will be taken to the Education Sector Logon section Accept invitation for [Insert preferred name, insert family name].

You will have to answer a few questions, that ask if you are the person in the ESL email invitation and do you have an existing ESL account.

If you answer that you don't have an existing ESL account there will be a create new account button for you to select to progress to the Create account screen.

screen image - accept invitation for test userr

Create account

Once you have filled in all mandatory information you can select the Create button at the bottom of the Create account screen to submit your user account details.

screen image - create account

Passphrase tips

Passphrases are a set of words that often have a space between them. They contain letters (often with numbers and symbols interchanged) that tend to add up to words - and even a sentence.

Your ESL passphrase does not expire. You can reset your passphrase through ESL self-service at any time.

screen image - prove you're human

Security questions tips

Security questions cannot have the same answer or be less than three letters. Security answers are not case sensitive.

screen shot - security questions tips

Terms of Use

You must accept the Terms of Use to complete the invitation process and have your ESL user account created. If you choose to not accept the Terms of use your user account will not be created.

Once you have read the terms select the I accept button at the bottom of the screen.

screen shot - terms of use

screen shot

ESL Privacy and Terms of Use

Invitation completed

Now your ESL user account has been created and saved successfully you will be taken to ESL Self Service where you can see the details of your new ESL User account.

If something is wrong with your details for your new ESL user account or the access you have been given contact your ESL Delegated Authoriser if they set up your account, otherwise contact the Education Service Desk for further support.

screen shot - self service


If everything looks ok with your new user account you should logout of your ESL Self Service session by clicking the Logout link in the top right of the screen.

screen image - logged out