How to remove access

Education Sector Logon (ESL)

How to remove access

You can use the ESL Self Service Portal to remove application role(s) when you no longer require access to an application and remove yourself from an organisation you are no longer associated with.

After you login, you are presented with your ESL account details. You can remove application(s) access or organisation(s) on the ‘Remove my roles and organisations page’. To reach this page, click on the ‘Edit my roles and orgs option on the left-hand-side menu. Alternatively, click on the link ‘Edit roles and organisations’ to the right of Roles and organisations.

Roles and organisations image

To remove a role, untick the checkbox against the roles that are no longer required, and click ‘Update’.

Remove my roles and orgs image

You will be prompted to confirm the role removal.


To remove an Education Service Desk provisioned role, call Education Service Desk on 0800 422-599 or email

If you no longer belong to an organisation, click the ‘Remove me from organisation’ button displayed against your selected organisation.

Remove my roles and organisations