Resourcing information for schools and kura.


Pourato is the Ministry of Education's resourcing system for schools | kura. You can view funding and staffing entitlements online and be confident that you’ve got the latest information.

Pourato makes it fast and easy to view and track changes to your resourcing information.

What's new

'Summary' tab

Pourato now includes a 'Summary' tab to identify staffing and funding events that have changed and where to find more information. 

Important Information for schools | kura 

Staffing Entitlement 2024

The staffing banner on the 'Your Entitlement' tab identifies if you are being staffed on your provisional guaranteed staffing or the staffing generated by your 1 March (Confirmed) roll.

Use the 'click to read advice' button for important information that may affect future staffing decisions. 

Rolls > Previous tab

Previous tab is available when a March (Confirmed) roll is resubmitted or audited.

This tab will record all previously submitted school roll versions from 2024 onwards to see what has changed and compare with the Confirmed Roll.

Finding information in Pourato

Staffing Roll Change Request (SRI)

You can now apply for a staffing roll increase when your permanent daily roll has increased and stayed at the new level for 5 consecutive school days.

Staffing for roll growth – Education in New Zealand 

For more information about a SRI in Pourato go to 2024 Staffing Roll Increase (SRI)

Kāhui Ako responsibility allowance - KAHRW code

Kāhui Ako responsibility allowance (Within School) is now displayed in Pourato.

To find how this allowance displays in Pourato, go to:  Important Information for schools | kura

Key features

  • list item bullet View rolls, funding and staffing entitlements in one place.
  • list item bullet Access latest resourcing information.
  • list item bullet Keep track of changes.
  • list item bullet Receive notification by email following updates.

Meaning of Pourato

The name Pourato is made from two parts:

Pou - which means to direct, guide or support, and

Rato - meaning to provide, service or distribute


The name reflects the purpose of the system, which is ensuring education providers have all the resources they need, delivered in the most effective way, so they can focus on helping children thrive.