Resourcing information for schools and kura.


Pourato is the online resourcing system for schools and kura.  You can view funding and staffing entitlement information online and be confident that you’ve got the latest information.

Pourato makes it fast and easy to view and track changes to your resourcing information. Pourato has replaced resourcing notices you previously received through the Secure Data Portal (SDP).

Pourato is in development for the early learning sector.

Pourato News

Quarter 2 information

The next Pourato update is aligned to the Quarter 2 operational funding instalment and confirmed entitlement staffing.  

  • Quarter 2 operational funding instalment will be paid on 3 April 2023, as expected.  
  • Confirmed entitlement staffing will be published in Pourato up to six weeks later, mid-May 2023.

Additional time is required to ensure the complex application of the 2023 entitlement staffing is successfully built, operating well and accurate.

To support schools with teacher appointment decisions, the Ministry will provide indicative confirmed entitlement staffing information, based on the March roll return and independent of Pourato, to schools and kura in mid-April.

Exporting staffing information in Pourato

The Export to Excel button on the schools staffing page in Pourato has been removed.

You can print the staffing screen to PDF from your device. To find out how to print or export to PDF go to How to use Pourato

Key features

  • list item bullet View rolls, funding and staffing entitlements in one place.
  • list item bullet Access latest resourcing information.
  • list item bullet Keep track of changes.
  • list item bullet Receive notification by email following updates.

Meaning of Pourato

The name Pourato is made from two parts:

Pou - which means to direct, guide or support, and

Rato - meaning to provide, service or distribute


The name reflects the purpose of the system, which is ensuring education providers have all the resources they need, delivered in the most effective way, so they can focus on helping children thrive.