From Tuesday 15 November 2022, schools and kura can use Pourato to view resourcing information for the 2023 school year. 

Pourato: Resourcing information for schools

Pourato provides a real-time view of resourcing information for schools, making it easier and faster to review changes and track resourcing information. 

Pourato will replace the notices schools and kura currently receive through the Secure Data Portal (SDP) for the 2023 school year.

Principals and designated administration staff will be provided view only access to Pourato.

    The amount of resourcing education providers receive stays the same - it is simply a change to the technology used to calculate and communicate the information.

    Pourato is in development for the early learning sector, and updates will be provided in due course on when it will be available.

    Key benefits

    • Easier to view and understand entitlements in one place: makes it faster to see core funding and staffing information.
    • Easier to track changes: ability to view why and how funding and staffing entitlements have changed.
    • Easier to get updates in real-time: an email notification will prompt schools to check Pourato for a change to the status of their resourcing information.

    Key features

    • list item bullet Manage and review information in one place
    • list item bullet Easy to see and track changes
    • list item bullet Real-time resourcing information
    • list item bullet Email notification to check Pourato for a change

    Meaning of Pourato

    The name Pourato is made from two parts:

    Pou - which means to direct, guide or support, and

    Rato - meaning to provide, service or distribute


    The name reflects the purpose of the system, which is ensuring education providers have all the resources they need, delivered in the most effective way, so they can focus on helping children thrive.