Resourcing information for schools and kura.


Pourato is the Ministry of Education's resourcing system for schools | kura. You can view funding and staffing entitlements online and be confident that you’ve got the latest information.

Pourato makes it fast and easy to view and track changes to your resourcing information.

What's new

2023 Annual Adjustments

The Annual Adjustment is a recalculation of the whole 2023 funding year after the Quarter 4 (Q4) instalment is published. Any change to roll, staffing or rates after Q4, may adjust your funding entitlements over the year.

The 2023 Annual Adjustment will be published in Pourato on 8 December and may show a zero adjustment, a payment or a recovery.

For more information visit 2023 Annual Adjustments

Quarter 1 (Q1), 2024 Operational Funding

The Q1 instalment will be published in Pourato on Friday 8 December 2023.

The Q1 Operational Payment will be paid on 3 January 2024 and the bank reference will display in Pourato.

Provisional Roll for 2024

Your 2024 provisional roll, staffing and funding entitlements can be viewed in Pourato.

Display 2023 or 2024 information

From December, screens in Pourato default to the relevant staffing or calendar year.

Use the dropdown on the right-hand side of the screen to change the year displayed.

For more information see Finding information in Pourato | Applications & Online Systems (education.govt.nz)

2024 Teacher Specific Time Allowances

Schools | kura can apply for teacher specific time allowances for the 2024 staffing year. 

Applications will be processed after mid-February 2024 in order of receipt.

You will receive an email notification from Pourato once your application has been processed.
For more information see Teacher specific staffing allowances – Education in New Zealand

2024 Kāhui Ako merged positions

Any 2023 additional across school teachers created by a merge of teacher roles (within School) will end on 24 January 2024.

Contact your local office to request a merge of Kāhui Ako teacher roles for the 2024 staffing year.

For more information visit Across schools teacher – Education in New Zealand

Key features

  • list item bullet View rolls, funding and staffing entitlements in one place.
  • list item bullet Access latest resourcing information.
  • list item bullet Keep track of changes.
  • list item bullet Receive notification by email following updates.

Meaning of Pourato

The name Pourato is made from two parts:

Pou - which means to direct, guide or support, and

Rato - meaning to provide, service or distribute


The name reflects the purpose of the system, which is ensuring education providers have all the resources they need, delivered in the most effective way, so they can focus on helping children thrive.