How to get access to Pourato


How to get access to Pourato

How to get access

If you had access to the Secure Data Portal (SDP) at 4pm on 14th November 2022, you’ll have Pourato access and can sign in using your Education Sector Login.

How to log in to Pourato

If you require access, contact your school's ESL Delegated Authoriser to request Pourato access. This also applies to accountants and other external providers.

As required by the ESL terms and conditions, you must not share your ESL login details with anyone.

Pourato roles

Pourato has the same roles as for the ERS – Administrator and Approver. Both roles currently have read only access to Pourato. 

Delegated Authorisers must choose one role only when assigning access.

Role name     Description
Administrator   Default role for most users. This role is currently view only.

Should only be granted to the person who has the appropriate delegated authority, (usually the principal).

This role is currently view only but will have approval authority in the future.  

How to remove access to Pourato

Contact your Delegated Authoriser to remove access to this application.