Finding information in Pourato


Finding information in Pourato

Once you have logged in to Pourato, all information can be found by clicking on the navigation bar, as below.

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From the navigation bar...

Payments Funding > Funding Summary > Payments
Future payment plans Funding > Funding Summary > Funding
Quarterly instalments

Funding > Operational Funding

Once the quarterly funding position is published, the instalment information will appear at the bottom of the page.

Staffing entitlements

Staffing > Staffing Entitlement

View Confirmed and Provisional Staffing Entitlements from this page.

School rolls


View Confirmed and Provisional Rolls from this page.

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)


View students for whom your school receives additional staffing entitlements.

Principal U Grade

Staffing > Staffing Entitlement

Choose the U Grade under the 'Your Entitlement' header.

Changes to staffing entitlement Staffing > Staffing Entitlement > Change History
Additional teacher entitlements Teachers
Banking staffing, roll and staffing requests Requests
Kāhui Ako and other school relationships


Find content separated into relevant subpages; Kāhui Ako, Attached units, Technology, and Transfer agreements.

Further Information

Key Staffing and Funding Dates 2023