Finding information in Pourato


Finding information in Pourato

Once you have logged in to Pourato, all information can be found by clicking on the navigation bar, as below.
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Change the year displayed by clicking the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the screen and selecting the year you want to view.


From the navigation bar...

Summary of events and updatesSummary > Event Summary
PaymentsFunding > Funding Summary > Payments
Future payment plansFunding > Funding Summary > Funding
Quarterly instalments

Funding > Operational Funding

Once the quarterly funding position is published, the instalment information will appear at the bottom of the page.

If there is a rate change during a funding quarter, the funding component will display over two lines. 

Staffing entitlements

Staffing > Staffing Entitlement

  • Your Entitlement tab = your current staffing entitlement for the year
  • Provisional tab = your entitlement staffing based on your provisional roll
  • Confirmed tab = your entitlement staffing based on your latest confirmed roll
School rolls


  • Provisional tab = your predicted roll for the year
  • Confirmed tab = your confirmed March roll

Check you are viewing the correct year. 

Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) students

Students > ORS

Only state and state integrated schools | kura with ORS students will see this tab.

Principal U Grade

Staffing > Staffing Entitlement

Choose the U Grade under the 'Your Entitlement' header.

Changes to staffing entitlementStaffing > Staffing Entitlement > Change History
Additional teacher entitlementsTeachers
Banking staffing, roll and staffing requestsRequests
Kāhui Ako and other school relationships


Find content separated into relevant subpages; Kāhui Ako, Attached units, Technology, and Transfer agreements.

  • Kāhui Ako Teacher (within school staffing): Your Entitlement > Kāhui Ako (CoL) > Kāhui Ako Teacher (within school) 
  • Kāhui Ako Teacher (within school funding): Operational Funding >  Kāhui Ako Induction and Networking (Within) > Kāhui Ako Teacher (within School)                                                    
Tax invoices

Funding > Operational Funding > under the Quarterly Instalment Summary

  • Manual tax invoices Funding > Funding Summary > Payments > Recovery plan 
Manual tax invoicesFunding > Funding Summary > Payments > Recovery plan 
International StudentsStudents > International Students
Annual AdjustmentFunding > Operational Funding > Funding position 'Annual Adjustment Published'

Further Information

Key Staffing and Funding Dates 2024

Schools and kura have view only access to Pourato. If you have any questions please contact