Tips for using Pourato


Tips for using Pourato

Click the expand menu button on the Operational Funding table under each quarter column heading to view details for each component.

Screen shot for operational funding


Click the + button on the top left corner of the Staffing Entitlement table to expand and display all staffing components.

Screen image for staffing entitlement table


Payments with the same bank reference number in the Funding Summary tab will add up to the total Pourato payment amount in your bank account. 

Screen shot for Finding summary















Click the UGrade box on the top left of the Staffing Entitlement table to view the principal's grading roll. 

Screen image for U5


Use the drop-down box on the right side of the screen to change the year (i.e. 2023 or 2024) of the information displayed on the screen.

Screen image for date filter



Click the icon for payment or fundingbutton on the payment or funding summary tab to view the payment or recovery plan details.

Click the Learn More icon on the blue banner across the top of the Staffing Entitlement tab to find out more about your entitlement staffing position. 

Screen image for learn more icon


Print or save as PDF

Follow these steps to print or save as PDF. Page layouts in Pourato have been updated to be more user friendly.


Go to ‘Print’ on your device

Use the CTRL + P (PC) or Command P (Apple) keyboard shortcut.


Adjust printing preferences

  • Adjust page layout to landscape or portrait
  • Check paper size is A4

To change other layout options:

  • PC users go to 'More settings'
  • Apple users click 'Show details'

Print or save as PDF

Press 'Print' or 'Save', name the file and save to your device or folder.