How to get access to 10YPP

10 Year Property Planner (10YPP)

How to get access to 10YPP

Set up a new user

Note: School staff are not able to access 10YPP, and should, instead, request access to the Helios Portal. Only 10YPP Consultants and Education Property Advisors are allowed access to the online 10YPP application.
There are several steps you will need to undertake in order to get a 10YPP account and logon details.


Request an Education Sector Login

Contact your regional Ministry office for a user ID to access Education Sector applications.


Complete the access request form

Download and complete the Helios Portal and 10YPP Access Request Form and take it in person to your regional property office with evidence of your identity.

Access Request Form
Helios & 10YPP User Access Request Form
Helios & 10YPP User Access Request Form

Complete the compulsory training

Training Services will send an email invitation to attend compulsory online training.


Receive logon details

Two to 6 business days after finishing your training, you'll receive information on how to access the system. From this point, you can access the applications from the Property Portal.


10 Year Property Planner access

Once your login is received, log into the 10 Year Property Planner. This will create your 10YPP account, and then your requested schools will be added. Reminder: Only 10YPP consultants, and 10YPP administrators will be set up with 10 Year Property Planner access. 

Add additional schools to 10YPP

If you are an existing 10YPP user who needs to get access to additional schools, follow the steps below. 


Complete the Additional Schools Request Form

Complete the Additional School Request Form and send it to your property advisor.

Additional School Request Form
Helios and 10YPP Additional schools request form
Helios and 10YPP Additional schools request form

New schools will be added to your user profile

After 2 to 6 business days the schools will be available via the Helios Portal and 10 Year Property Planner.

10YPP Consultant

You will be invited within 3-days of application to undertake an online training module in using the 10YPP planner in a read-write capacity and a Helios Portal module for read-only access to school data.

For principals, board chairs and executive officers

The Ministry provides an online access point via your Education Sector Logon (ESL) to property information for your school.

  • Your ESL delegated authority will request access to the Helios Portal on your behalf.
  • Visit the Education Services website for more information about access levels and the application process.

MPlan access

MPlan is a web based tool, provided by WebFM, for schools and 10YPP consultants to use for capturing school Condition Assessment data.

Access can be granted by your property advisor at any time.


10YPP Roles

Role name Description
10YPP Consultants Responsible for entering Condition Assessment data into MPlan as part of the 10YPP process.
Schools Principals can also have a login to access data on their school.