Helios and 10YPP training


Helios and 10YPP training

Training is delivered via self-paced online training modules that take 10–25 minutes to complete. 

There are two training modules, one each for Helios Portal (25 mins) and 10 Year Property Planner (10 mins).

10YPP consultants will need to complete both modules, which are located on the Ministry's Learning management system.

Learning Management System – Training Services website

User Group Training Permissions
Schools Recommended View data directly in the systems within the Helios Portal.
Project managers and administrators Mandatory Enter data directly in the Helios Portal.
10YPP consultants and administrators Mandatory Enter data directly in the 10 Year Property Planner. 

New School Users (e.g. Principals, Board Chairs or Executive Officers

You will be invited within 3-days to undertake an optional Helios Portal module for read-only access to your school data.

Note: School users please note your school ESL Delegated Authoriser will request access to the Helios Portal (the PMIS replacement) on your behalf.

Successful completion of your Training Module

Following successful completion of your training module(s) you will be advised that your system access will be set up within 6-10 days. You will then be notified that you are now able to access the Helios Portal using your Education Sector Login (ESL).