Important Information for schools | kura


Important Information for schools | kura

'Summary' tab

The 'Summary' tab will help to identify staffing or funding events and updates when a Pourato email notification is received. 

The tab provides a description (e.g. Kāhui Ako Across Teacher has started), type of event (e.g. Staffing) and additional information about the event (e.g. teacher number and date of change).

Click on the magnifying glass to view the event Request.

For details on the allowance code abbreviations used in 'Additional Information' search the code on EdPay.govt

Email notifications

You will receive an email notification when there are updates to your staffing and funding information in Pourato. 

Pourato notifications are sent to the email address you have provided in Education Counts.

Kāhui Ako Responsibility allowance KAHRW

In Pourato KAHRW payroll code is displayed as Kāhui Ako Teacher (Within School).

The Teachers tab will display Kāhui Ako Within Teacher with 0.00 FTTE for teachers who are coded to the KAHRW payroll code. The total FTTE (e.g. 0.08 per WST released) is included in your staffing entitlement, however the distribution of FTTE for individual teachers is unable to be viewed on the Teachers tab in Pourato.

The Teacher Within School component on Your Entitlement tab includes the total responsibility and non-responsibility Kāhui Ako staffing.  

Operational funding for Kāhui Ako Teacher (Within School) including a KAHRW allowance can be viewed when expanding the Kāhui Ako Induction and Networking Allowance (Within) component.

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Quarterly Operational Funding

Operational Funding is calculated using the latest Actual Roll information you have submitted. Any adjustments required will be made in the next instalment.

For more information and key dates see:

Resourcing - operational funding and staffing entitlements - Education in New Zealand

Entitlement Staffing

Staffing Entitlement is a summary of all staffing components funded by the Ministry - one of which is Entitlement Staffing.

Entitlement Staffing is supported by GMFS (Guaranteed Minimum Formula Staffing), which means the greater of your provisional guaranteed staffing or the confirmed staffing generated by your 1 March roll is provided for the whole year. 

The other staffing entitlement components are not always roll based and may change throughout the year (e.g. Beginning Teachers Time Allowances).

Entitlement staffing – Education in New Zealand

Banking Staffing reports

Your banking staffing report for a pay period (available on EdPay) may not reconcile with what you are viewing in Pourato depending on when a change to your staffing occurs. This is because the information from Pourato is updated on your banking staffing report once a fortnight, which aligns with the fortnightly payroll information. 

Any changes that occur after the fortnightly update will appear on the next banking staffing report.

For more information see Banking staffing - Education in New Zealand

International Students Levy (ISL) and Export Education Levy (EEL)

For more information see Export Education Levy (EEL) - Education in New Zealand and International Student Levy - Education in New Zealand.

The 'Students' tab will update when a change is made to details of fee-paying international students. 

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Audited roll

If your school | kura roll is audited and an adjustment is required, you will be contacted by an auditor to discuss the change. 

An audit report will be sent to the board chair and adjustments will be made in Pourato.

An audited roll can impact your confirmed roll, entitlement staffing and/or quarterly operational funding. 

You will receive an email notification when a change is made in Pourato.

Use the Ministry of Education school funding and staffing calculators to estimate any change to operational funding or entitlement staffing from an audit adjustment.

Secure Data Portal (SDP)

Most of your staffing and funding information will now be available in Pourato.

SDP will continue to be used for additional resourcing information not included in Pourato. 

Levy recoveries and tax invoices

All levy recoveries and invoices are now available in Pourato.

  • Public Private Partnership Levy (PPP)
  • Risk Management (RM)
  • Export Education Levy (EEL) 
  • International Student Levy (ISL) 
  • Manual levy recovery plans e.g International Group Students Levy

Finding information in Pourato | Applications & Online Systems (