How to get access to SEPE

School Evaluation of Physical Environment (SEPE)

How to get access to SEPE

Principals and School Administrators

Delegated Authoriser at each school will request access on behalf of users.

You will then be invited within 3-days of the request being lodged by the school. You will also be invited to undertake optional online training module in using the SEPE Portal access.

Only Principals and School administration staff are allowed access to the online SEPE application.

New School users

You will be invited within 3-days to undertake an optional SEPE Portal module, school users please note your school ESL Delegated Authoriser will request access to the SEPE Portal on your behalf.

You need to accept and complete the invite and create an account. You should then have access to the SEPE portal.

SEPE Roles

Role name Description
Principal Create, edit and submit completed SEPE
School Administration Ability to edit only