How to get access to SESTA

Specialised School Transport Assistance Application (SESTA)

How to get access to SESTA

How do I get access?

Schools can log into SESTA via their Education Sector Login (ESL). Your school’s ESL delegated authoriser (DA) must firstly add the SESTA school user role to your ESL and then you can access the online tool. 

Click on Apply Now to start an application using your ESL login.

We recommend you complete the application with a Chrome browser for optimal performance, however you can also use other available browsers if required.

After your SESTA application has been submitted, you can select to receive email updates on the application’s progress. Alternatively, you can view the online application and track its progress.

Who can apply for SESTA

  • A caregiver can submit a SESTA application to your school using this link. They do not require a login. Once a caregiver applies, you will be notified, and the application will appear in your queue for review and submission to the Ministry.
  • Alternatively, you can apply with or on behalf of the caregiver by following the stepsbelow to login.

How to gain access to SESTA

  • Request your school’s Delegated Authoriser to add the ‘SESTA school user’role to your Education Section Logon (ESL). If you have any issues logging into your ESL or gaining access to SESTA, please contact the education service desk