Create ELI Reports

Early Learning Information (ELI) Reports

Create ELI Reports

Before you begin

This guide assumes you already have access to ELI Reports with a valid ESL login. If you do not yet have access, please see the how to get access section.

To get started, please log in to ELI reports by clicking the blue log in button at the top of this page. 


Select Report Type

Once logged in to ELI Reports, you will be presented with a list of report types. Select the report type you would like to see. e.g Attendance Report

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Complete Search Parameters

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Further information on using search parameters is available in the how search parameters work page, available in the how to use the application section.


Select Report Format

Choose how you'd like to download the report. Either PDF or CSV


Click Create


Large Reports

Some reports can take a while to be created. If a report takes more than a few seconds to create, the following message may appear. 

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Once the report has been created, it will be ready to download.

You can return to the main page by clicking Back to Reports once your report has been created, or at any time you need to return to the main reports menu.

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