ENROL - English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)


ENROL - English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)

Funding is available to provide support for refugee and migrant background students with high English learning needs. The programmes are called English for Speakers of Other Languages.

ENROL now helps schools keep track of their English Language Learners (ELL), with:

The report English Language Learners at my School that will display all the current ELL at the school, including:

  • student’s NSN
  • names (known as and legal names)
  • date of birth and gender
  • first day of attendance
  • first ethnicity and citizenship
  • student’s status (refugee, migrant or NZ born)
  • number of ESOL terms left (terms to pay)
  • number of ESOL terms already paid
  • current status (active or ceased)
  • date ceased
  • current year level
  • previous school
  • last day of attendance (previous school).

Displaying the text ‘English Language Learner’ in the Schools Attended box, just above the enrolment history, for eligible students:Image removed.

ENROL will send an automatic email to any school newly enrolling a previously identified ELL.