ENROL - Guide for Principals


ENROL - Guide for Principals

What is ENROL?

ENROL is a central electronic register that authorised users in all schools and kura update via the web as students enrol, change schools, or leave the school system.

ENROL was created for the recording and transfer of student enrolment records as required under section 237 of the Education and Training Act 2020. The Secretary for Education has gazetted rules under section 237 (3) of the Education and Training Act 2020. The Enrolment Rules are documented in the Education Circular 2013/21.

Education Circular 2013/21

The ENROL application and the data within it is owned and managed by the Ministry of Education. Authorised users have access to ENROL through the School applications area of the Educational Leaders website.

Educational Leaders website

Authorisation and access

As ENROL holds personal information of students, only staff who are directly involved in updating enrolment data require access to ENROL. All authorised users must have a separate, individual user account and password to access ENROL.

Authorised users

All authorised users will need to complete ENROL training before being given a user account and password. While ENROL is a very simple application, it is used by all schools, and it is very important that users are trained to use it consistently and are aware of the impact of their actions when updating ENROL.

For more information on authorised users, refer to the “Why is authorisation required” section of the guidelines below. 

Getting access

As ENROL holds personal information of students, only staff who are directly involved in updating enrolment data require access to ENROL. All authorised users must have a separate, individual user account and password to access ENROL.

For more information on access, refer to the “Page 3 - Initiate access” section of the guidelines below. 

Principals Guide to ENROL
The school student enrolment register
The school student enrolment register

Information held

Accuracy of Information

The quality of the information held in ENROL depends on accurate recording of information, which will minimise the number of duplicate records and preserve the integrity of data that has been collected. Updating student records regularly will also serve to ensure that your school's records are current.

Schools are dependent on one another in ensuring that information in ENROL is kept current when either creating new student records or maintaining existing records.

Student Information

To minimise the risk of duplicate records, the ‘Find a Student’ screen in ENROL checks for similar spellings of names and likely typing errors when presenting search results of possible students. The ‘Check Name’ in the ‘Create a Student Record’ screen has an indicator displayed to show whether the records returned in the search results are already held in ENROL.

Enrolment processes in ENROL

You can find full details on each of the below sections on pages 3 and 4 of the Principal's Guide

ENROL requires you to record the eligibility criteria you have used to determine whether a student is a domestic or an international student. 

Education Circular 2013/21

Teaching and learning notes are a valuable tool for highlighting to the next school if there are significant issues that will affect the academic and pastoral care of a student.

Teaching and learning notes are used to highlight areas that relate to a student’s academic performance, attendance, behaviour, personal information, custodial information, or health issues.

The batch enrolment and batch withdrawal processes assist your staff at two busy times of the year (the beginning and the end of the year).

As mentioned earlier in this section, you will need to check the eligibility fields when new students enrol in your school during the year. You will also need to update the address information at enrolment and when a student leaves. It is not required in ENROL to update residential address changes which occur while the student remains at your school.

You may need to record an Alias when a student leaves if the student has started using the alias during the year while at your school. This will help the next school retrieve the record if the student enrols under the alias instead of their legal name.

It is recommended that you give a printed copy of a student’s ENROL record to them when they leave. This document shows the student’s National Student Number, along with all other identity information, which can be passed to the next school, to assist them to quickly find the student’s ENROL record when processing their enrolment.

Attendance monitoring

Maintaining the attendance registers is not part of the functionality in ENROL. Schools should continue to use the attendance system/process they currently use. The only ENROL interaction is when a student has been absent for 20 consecutive school days and you have not been advised that the absence is only temporary. At this point the student should be withdrawn in ENROL by entering the last day of attendance and a non-enrolment notification should be initiated immediately to begin finding the student. If the student is no longer attending your school, withdraw the student immediately.

Should a student have a particularly poor attendance record whilst at your school, then please tick their “Attendance” Teaching and Learning Note when withdrawing the student. This will alert the next school to contact you if they wish to receive further clarity on the student’s attendance.


This process is external to ENROL and schools will continue their current pre- enrolment practice. Authorised users will need to be advised when the student is confirmed as attending your school, allowing ENROL to be updated accordingly at that time.

In the first week of Term 1, when a larger number of pre-enrolments come together, this process may take the form of a pre-enrolment checklist, where students are marked off as they arrive.

Intergration of student management systems with ENROL

All Student Management Systems (SMS) are integrated with ENROL. With integrated services, an enrolment or a withdrawal in your SMS can activate the enrolment or withdrawal in ENROL so administrators no longer have to process a student in both systems. Contact your SMS vendor to request information and training about how this works or you can continue to do processes separately.

Submission of stand-down and suspension forms

ENROL has integrated Stand-down and Suspension (SDS) processes to meet current Ministry SDS guidelines. All schools must complete stand-down and suspensions forms and submit them via ENROL. An email confirmation is sent to your school to confirm each submission. You are required to keep your email confirmations, electronically or printed out, for your own records.

Tasks and emails generated by ENROL

Your school is notified by an email from ENROL of tasks to be actioned. The number of emails you receive from ENROL will depend on the level of enrolment activity in your school. Some emails will request the completion of tasks while others will be for information only. You will need to retain some emails for your school records, such as those relating to the submission of stand-down and suspension forms.

You can find more details on the types of emails your school might receive on page 5 of the Principal’s Guide.


There are a number of reports that authorised users in your school can produce for your management staff. The reports are produced in a comma separated values (.csv) format, which enables your staff to sort the data, print the report or save it using Microsoft Excel or a similar application.

There are ENROL reports, Roll Return reports, and hearing and vision test reports, and details about each can be found on page 6 of the Principal’s Guide.