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Secure Data Portal (SDP)

Early Learning Services Information


The Secure Data Portal is an application using the Education Sector Logon (ESL) authentication.

Use the Portal to:

  • Download your operational funding notices from the Ministry quickly and securely.

Before you start

This guide assumes you already have an ESL login and have logged in to the SDP portal.

For more information about getting an ESL login refer to the how to get access section of this page and how to log in for log in instructions.

How to get access

How to log in


Portal Home Page

On the Portal page, you should see your Username and ECE Service number or, ECA.

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Select Files

Select the Download link to download the requested document. 



Once the download is complete, then save the document. 

If you have difficulties

Sometimes issues arise with accessing SDP for some users. If you have any difficulty accessing SDP contact the Education Service Desk using the support page.

If you have issues sending the files once you are logged in contact the Resourcing Support team, their details are also available on the support page. 

SDP Support