Centre Based ECE Services - User Guide

Early Learning Information (ELI) Web

Centre Based ECE Services - User Guide

This set of user guides is designed for early learning services using ELI Web (services that do not use a student management system (SMS)). The user guides provide information about the Early Learning Information (ELI) system and ELI Web, and describe the system's functions and processes that services should follow when working in the system. ELI Web looks and works differently for centre-based and home-based services, so please make sure to use the correct user guide.


User Guide Contents

  • list item bullet ELI Web Overview
  • list item bullet Education Sector Account setup
  • list item bullet Add a Child to your service in ELI
  • list item bullet Enrol a Child that has been added to ELI
  • list item bullet Record Bookings for a Child
  • list item bullet Record 20 Hours ECE
  • list item bullet Record Children's Attendance
  • list item bullet Confirm Records and Enter Temporary Closures
  • list item bullet Enter Staff Information
  • list item bullet ECE Return
  • list item bullet Submit your RS7 Return
  • list item bullet ELI Reports

These user guides were updated on 22 September 2021