2024 Staffing Roll Increase (SRI)


2024 Staffing Roll Increase (SRI)

A staffing Roll Increase (SRI) can be applied for when your permanent daily roll has grown and stayed at the same level for 5 consecutive school days.

You will receive a Pourato notification when your Staffing Roll Increase request has been approved, declined or withdrawn. 

Pourato shows the cumulative increase to your staffing in Your Entitlement and Confirmed tabs. 

Staffing for roll growth – Education in New Zealand

Displays an approved or declined SRI request and the staffing roll breakdown.

When additional entitlement staffing is generated, the staffing request will display the change to your entitlement staffing. 

Screen shot - staffing roll increase


Navigate to Your Entitlement and Confirmed tabs.

The cumulative staffing change is included in the Entitlement Staffing, Total and Staffing Roll, from the start of the roll growth.

screen shot - approved SRI request

An outcome letter will display in the SRI Requests tab explaining the reason it was declined. 

screen shot - declined SRI

The increased roll needs to stay at the same number for five consecutive school days. 
Students can change-out during this time if the overall roll growth remains the same. 
The retention period excludes weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Staffing Roll Change request form
When sending a Staffing Roll Change Request, it is important you attach a summary of the current roll, sorted by MOE funding year from their Student Management System from the date of increase.


When applying for multiple SRI Requests, it is recommended you apply each time you have a roll growth. Each SRI Request is processed separately to ensure the entitlement staffing at the start date of roll growth is calculated correctly.

Multiple requests sent at the same time, will be processed one at a time after each request has been approved or declined. 


When the start date of a SRI falls within an existing pay period, both the current Staffing Roll and the new roll from the approved SRI request will be displayed, e.g. Staffing Roll 383/441.

screen shot - SRI request

The online staffing calculator will help to estimate your staffing, based on roll growth. 

Staffing calculator

In 2023 there was an interim process, while the full SRI functionality was being built in Pourato. The SRI previously displayed in the Your Entitlement tab as an Additional Staffing component.

The retention period for the permanent daily roll has reduced this year to 5 school days and new enrolments during the 5 schools days count towards the retention. (In previously years, the retention period was 10 school days with all enrolments prior to the growth period starting).

For details on the interim process watch Pourato Staffing Roll Increase 2023