Exporting information to PDF


Exporting information to PDF

Follow these steps to print a page to PDF in Pourato:


Go to ‘Print’ on your device

Use the CTRL + P (PC) or Command P (Apple) keyboard shortcut.


Set page layout to landscape


Adjust printing preferences

  • Choose A4 paper size
  • Adjust 'scale to fit' printable area
  • Ensure options are set to display 'Headers and footers' and 'Background graphics'.

For PC users, you'll find these options under 'More settings'.
For Apple users, click 'Show details'.


Save to your device as a PDF

For PC users, select printer as 'Save as PDF'. 

For Apple users, use the 'PDF' drop-down button and select 'Save as PDF'.


Press 'Print' or 'Save', name the file and save to your device.