Key points for schools and kura


Key points for schools and kura

School roll for Quarter 2 instalment

The Quarter 2 operational funding instalment will be calculated from a school or kura March actual roll or provisional roll if their March actual roll has not been submitted.

Entitlement staffing position

Schools and kura are supported by the GMFS (Guarantee Minimum Formula Staffing) or assured staffing provision. This means when a school’s confirmed roll is lower than the provisional roll, your provisional entitlement staffing is guaranteed for the year.

Staffing roll increases

Staffing roll increases are processed after the confirmed entitlement staffing is published in Pourato. The system and policy requirements are for the confirmed roll process to be completed before any staffing roll increase is actioned.
To see how your school or kura roll impacts your staffing, use the Staffing Calculator:

Annual salary adjustment for principals

The roll and staffing-based salary adjustment for principals will be applied to a salary run following the confirmed entitlement staffing being published. Any adjustment is aligned to the principals’ collective agreement.
Tax deductions are required to be made on all salary payments, including lump sums. The timing of when the lump sum is paid will not affect the total annual amount of tax a principal will pay.

Staffing Entitlement and Entitlement Staffing

The Staffing Entitlement information in Pourato provides a summary of all the staffing components that are funded by the Ministry, one of which is Entitlement Staffing.
Entitlement staffing is the guaranteed portion of the staffing entitlement and is calculated from the greater of either your provisional roll or confirmed roll.
The other staffing entitlement components are not always roll based and may change throughout the year.

Staffing entitlement calculation

The staffing entitlement calculation has not changed and is pro rata based on the number of days or part days worked.
Pourato displays the staffing entitlements as a Full-Time Teacher Equivalent (FTTE) and looks different to what was displayed in the notice. E.g. In Pourato, one FTTE will be displayed as .10, whereas the notices displayed this as 1.0 FTTE.

Email notifications

You will receive an email notification when there are changes to your information in Pourato.  These emails are sent to the school, or kura administration email address provided in Education Counts and is the same email address used for ERS notifications.

Bank payment reference

The payment reference on your school bank statement will appear in Pourato as the payment’s ‘Bank Ref’. Payments, instalments and recoveries with the same Bank Ref have been paid into your school’s bank account together as one summed amount.

Pourato and the Education Resourcing System (ERS)

Pourato is available for schools and kura to view their funding and staffing entitlement information in one place.
The Education Resourcing System (ERS) continues to manage applications for Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF).

View only access

Schools and kura have ‘view only’ access in Pourato.  If you have a query about the information in Pourato please contact

Pourato access to your accountant

If an accountant, or another external provider, has access to the Secure Data Portal on behalf of a school or kura, then they will have access to Pourato.
For an external provider to gain access to Pourato, the Delegated Authoriser of the school or kura will need to invite them to setup an ESL account (if they don't already have one) and give them the appropriate role.
As required by the ESL terms and conditions, no one is allowed to share their login details with anyone else.

Secure Data Portal (SDP)

You can still access your school funding and staffing information from before 2023 in the SDP.
SDP will continue to be used for submitting and downloading documents quickly and securely to and from the Ministry.

Language options

An option to view a te reo Māori version of Pourato is in development.
The Education Learning Management System includes the Pourato introduction video and the Pourato for School Users learning module in te reo Māori and English.